Zoom 350mm Aluminium 27.2mm White Inline Seat Post

This Zoom 350mm Seat post features a dual bolt adjustable inline cradle, produced from lightweight aluminium alloy and finished in polished gloss white it would make it be an idea upgrade over standard heavier steel posts.

Please note: A seat post needs to fit your frame exactly - within 0.2mm. When choosing a new one, please read off the measurement from your old model (stamped in to the base of the post)


  • Constructed from 6000 grade aluminium with a bonded seat clamp
  • 350mm Length
  • 27.2mm Diameter
  • Inline twin bolt Adjustable clamp
  • Alloy saddle cradle
  • Lightweight only 265 grams
  • Fits saddles with standard diameter rails and oversize rails up to 8mm