Zeosoft Natural Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner 4.75LTR Workshop Bottle with Pump

ZEOSOFT TM hand cleaners have a unique capacity to do three important cleaning tasks, in an entirely natural way:

Firstly, get rid of all the gunk. They remove all stubborn dirt, grime, oil, grease, paint, adhesives, chemicals, wood sap, animal and plant residues of all types, and the really ground-in grime. Secondly, they remove odours , across a broad spectrum. This includes all the smells from job materials, chemicals, and all the stuff that gets on working hands. Also great for fish odours, garlic, salmon oil, nicotene, whatever smells you are trying to get off your hands. Thirdly, they trap and remove numerous toxins and contaminants from the skin, by sucking them in and carrying them away when you rinse off.


100% natural ingredients
Organic abrasive - Soft Zeolite
Environmentally positive
Cleans and deodourises
Helps repair the hands
Leaves hands refreshed and supple
Certified for use in food processing
One product system

Effective on:

Effective on ingrained dirt, grime and stains
Effective broad spectrum


Viscous Paste


300gm tube
2kg replacement pouch (dispenser)
4kg replacement bag in box (dispenser)
4.75kg Jerry Can
20kg pail

Method of Use:

Wet hands first work into lather, rub thoroughly to loosen all soilings, rinse off well and dry hands completely