Zefal May Day Universal Bicycle Repair Kit

Made with 3 different products, the MayDay Kit is the perfect pack for your ride

With its telescopic barrel and the flexible, screw-on Z-Flex connection, the Air Profil FC01 is the essential tool you need to have while riding your MTB.

The Z Levers are highly resistant and unbreakable, their thin shape provides an easy passage between the rim and tyre, without damaging them. The hook end is reversible and allows dismantling and reassembling the tyre.

Air Profil FC01

  • Z Turn System.
  • Mud protection: Prevents dirt and stays clean.
  • Flexible connection: Allows inflation from farther away and prevents damage to the valve stem.
  • Repair Kit

  • Selection of patches.
  • 1 rubber cement 5g.
  • Stainless steel grater: Efficient on all surfaces with high lifetime.
  • Z Levers

  • Shock resist: High stiffness of the material.