Zefal Lock N Roll Anti Theft Quick Release Wheel Skewer Set

Locking a bicycle properly does not always prevent it from being looted for parts. Often wheels and saddles fall victim to thieves. The new, patented Lock n' Roll by Zefal is a keyless and affordable antitheft system for wheels.

How does it work ? In the horizontal position, the quick release lever is automatically locked, to unlock the bike has to be lifted-up to the vertical position. A special washer makes the unscrewing impossible even with a tool.

When the bicycle is in the usual position (with the wheels down), the Lock n' Roll is in the "locked state". A mobile axle inside the device prevents it from opening.
To unlock the device, simply turn the bicycle upside down. As soon as the bike passes the vertical position, the axle falls down releasing the possibility of opening the lever.

The Lock n' Roll releases are assembled on bikes exactly the same way you install traditional quick releases. We recommend a strong tightening so that no one can make the quick-release revolve around its axis (thus unlocking the device).


  • Keyless antitheft system for wheels.
  • Suitable for Road, Hybrid and city bikes with quick release wheels.
  • Simple mounting, no tools required.
  • Instructions supplied.
  • Weight Wheel Skewers : 116 g