Zefal and Lapize Pumps

It is 1880, the company Poutrait-Morin (which one century later will become Zefal) starts to manufacture bicycle accessories. Later, with the invention of the tube, Poutrait-Morin will develop the Presta valve and manufacture bicycle pumps. In the 1950's, with Zefal and Lapize pumps, Poutrait-Morin rapidly becomes the market leader due to the pumps robust build and light weight. Since the invention of the Presta valve, Poutrait-Morin has registered many patents to improve the efficiency, the ease and the comfort of the pumping. Among many other important patents, Poutrait-Morin invents both the direct push-on connection with thumb lock lever and the reversibility of the internal washer to adapt to all types of valves.

The brand name Lapize derives from Octave Lapize, a French rider, who won the Tour de France in 1910 and Paris-Roubaix 3 times. His brilliant career was interrupted by the Great War during which he sadly lost his life in an air fight in 1917.

Zefal Classic HPX Vintage Reversible Frame Fit Pump Black

The Zefal name is synonymous with the HPX Vintage frame pump. Durable all aluminium construction, available in 4 sizes with the HPX spring locking system to fit any frame without the need for straps or secondary fixings ensures it's capable of pumping up to 174 psi.


  • Fits Presta & Schrader valves.
  • Reversible valve fitting.
  • Aluminium construction for strength and lightness.
  • Fast, high pressure application.
  • HPX spring locking system.
  • Fits directly between your bike frame tubes.
  • Max pressure: 160psi (11 bar).
  • Weight: 242g.

Size Guide:

Number To Fit: Weight:
1 360-440mm (14.2-17.3") 210g
2 410-450mm (16.1-17.7") 220g
3 460-500mm (18.1-19.7") 240g
4 510-550mm (20.1-21.7") 255g