Zefal Air Profil XL Mini Pump

The Zefal Air Profil XL has been designed with road bike users in mind. The lightweight aluminium mini pump is suitable for both presta and schrader valve types. Measuring at 230mm in length, the XL version of the Air Profil features a telescopic barrel, reaching pressures up to 9 bar/130 psi.


  • Mud protection - Prevents dirt and stays clean.
  • Mounting clip - Included.
  • Barrel: Telescopic in aluminium.
  • Connection: Reversible Presta / Schrader.
  • Handle: Thermoplastic.
  • Length: 230mm / 9".
  • Pressure: 9 bar / 130 psi.
  • Stem: Aluminium.
  • Thumblock: Aluminium.
  • Weight: 108g.