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Weldtite Precision Bearings

Keeping your bike properly maintained will prolong its life and reward you with more miles from your gears, cables, chains, chainrings, freewheels and cassettes. A small investment in this often over looked area will save ££ in the long run. Weldtite offer a great range of lubes, tools and replacement components.

1/8" Ball Bearings (1 bag x 72 balls ) used on freewheels, pedals and cassettes.
5/32" Ball Bearings (1 bag x 54 balls ) used on headsets.
7/32 Ball Bearings (1 bag x 24 balls ) Used On Shimano And Campagnolo hubs.
3/16" Ball Bearings (1 bag x 36 balls ) used on wheels and headsets.
1/4" Ball Bearings (1 bag x 24 balls ) used on wheels and bottom brackets.


  • Case hardened.
  • Tested and approved to grade 1000 performance.
  • British made ball bearings quality assured specification.