Uvex Quatro Pro Black Cycling Helmet

The brand new all-mountain top model! The Uvex Quatro Pro mountain bike helmet imparts a strong feeling of safety thanks to its outstanding features. The double inmould construction is more enduring and more impact-resistant, which provides the highest safety in biking. 17 integrated ventilation channels ensure excellent airing, while the brand new anatomic IAS sizing system adapts to any head shape perfectly. Furthermore, the cross visor can be easily adjusted to the trail’s slope – This guarantees distraction-free vision.

The Uvex Quatro Pro mountain bike helmet also catches your eye immediately – It’s different: The colour division of the cross shield, the spoiler and the double inmould area stands out fantastically from the core element of the helmet. That is why the Uvex Quatro Pro mountain bike helmet builds up a fascinating suspension between its colors, which is parallel with the aerodynamic and flat-compact design. The helmet has an integrated adaptor for a camera.


  • Double inmould technology.
  • 17 ventilation channels.
  • Anatomic IAS - matches every individual head shape.
  • FAS easy and practical strap.
  • Monomatic button-press closure.
  • Vent pads - absorbs moisture and are anti-allergenic.
  • Bug net.
  • Spoiler.
  • Adjustable visor.
  • Optional camera adapter.
  • Colour: Black.
  • Available in sizes: 52-57cm & 56-61cm.