Spokey Dokey Snap on Spoke Beads

Remember the days before games consoles and smartphones? The days when the only things that mattered were who chould do the longest skid, who could ride one handed or who could eat the most cereal to get the free bits of plastic to stick on your bike? This pack of 36 "spokey dokeys" are a throw back to that time, yet still manage to instill a sense of wonder in kids of all ages, as their bike becomes a customised ride, complete with with the sounds straight out of an 80's childhood.

Brighten up your ride with a pack of 36 spoke beads that add colour and sound to childrens bicycles. Allow your child to decorate their bike however they want, and show off their new style while riding. A mix of six colours in each pack, 36 beads is enough to fit 2 wheels worth of spoke, fitting on to every other spoke.

  • Adds colour to your bike
  • Easy to pop on or off
  • Can be arranged in a variety of patterns
  • Fun sounds while riding
  • Fit to any bike with spokes