Smart RL306R Aluminium LED Rear Bicycle Light

Smarts simple yet effective design for the RL306R rear light features a versatile silicone strap for quick and simple attachment to any seat post. with it's minimalistic aluminium construction the light will go unnoticed during the day, but at night it will illuminate the road, thanks to its bright red LED.

With 1 steady and 1 flash mode, this compact rear light can last up to an impressive 7 hours, perfect for those late night journeys.


  • Smart RL306R rear light.
  • Aluminium construction.
  • Silicone mounting strap attach to any seatpost or frame.
  • 1 red LED.
  • 1 Steady mode and 1 flash mode.
  • Run time: 4hrs steady, 7hrs flashing.
  • 2 X CR2032 batteries included.
  • Weight (inc rubber strap): 21g.
  • Size: 27 x 33mm.