Smart Front BL183WW-USB C/W Side Light

High performance light with Japanese genuine Nichia super bright LED. Complete with easy fit handlebar bracket and batteries you can use it right out of the box. Flashing and steady modes, Quick bracket mounts, adjusts or removes in seconds without tools, Up to 40hrs run time on a full charge.


Lithium polymer rechargeable battery with mini USB port.
High quality Japanese Nichia LED.
Light output 200/100 Lumens.
Circuit with overcharge protection.
Built in low battery indicator and charge indicator.
Rubber bracket adjusts or removes without tools.
O/S Bracket.

Safe Ride Home: function will auto change the light pattern to low beam mode when low-voltage indicator turns on (about 15% battery capacity remaining) providing extended hour of riding safely.

Mode Run Time & Lumens: Flash- Up to 40 Hours 160lm, Low- Up to 10.5 Hours 100lm, High- Up to 2.5 Hours 200lm.

Charge Information:
Blue Flash = Charging.
Blue Steady = Charging Completed.
Charge time = around 3 hours.


Smart Rear 28 LED Chip Bar Light

The rear LED light features 28 LED chips on board, with seat post and stay mounts included. Run times on the rear are also impressive with up to 80 hours run time on constant, 160 hours run time on flashing mode and 260 hours run time on courtesy flash mode. Bracket and batteries are included in the box.


28 LED chips on board with reflector for high visibility.
Steady, superflash, courtesy flash modes.
Compact case is waterproof and durable.
Seat post and seat stay mounts included.
Up to 260 hours of run time on UM4 batteries.
Includes 2 x UM4 alkaline batteries.

Mode Run time: Steady- Up to 80 hours, Superflash- Up to 160 hours, Courtesy Flash- Up to 260 hours.