Slime Pro Tubeless Sealant 16oz V2

The Slime Pro Tubeless Sealant 16 oz is perfect for use on tubeless tyres and will not only protect them from corroding but is non-hazardous too! It instantly seals punctures of up to 3mm, meaning you will never be off the road with this handy product.

Protecting you from tears and slits, Slime Tubeless Ready (STR) Premium Sealant is everything a performance cyclist could want in a tubeless sealant. Uniquely engineered, STR Sealant’s Web Tech heals real-world punctures and slashes encountered on the trail, while its Flow Motion technology ensures a long-lasting liquid lifespan. Slime STR Sealant is CO2 compatible, allergen free, and evenly disperses from bead to bead for consistent, wide coverage.

Simply stated, the Slime chemistry team has designed the STR Sealant to stay liquid longer, seal faster, extend the lifespan of your tires and carry you farther. Proudly blended and bottled in the USA.


  • Instantly seals punctures of up to 3mm.
  • Web Tech™ - Seal punctures and slashes encountered on the trail with Slime's advanced Web Tech engineering.
  • CO2 Compatible - STR Sealantis the only product on the marketplace compatible with CO2 tires.
  • Flow Motion™ – The unique chemistry of Slime's synthetic, latex-based STR Sealant ensures a long-lasting liquid lifespan, keeping you protected longer than the competition.
  • Wide Coverage - Chemically engineered for optimal dispersion from bead to bead, STR Sealant offers wider coverage than ever before.
  • 16 oz (473ml) bottle.
  • Allergen free formula - contains no natural latex.