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Shimano CN-4601 Tiagra 10 Speed Bicycle Chain

The Shimano Tiagra CN4601chain is designed for use with Shimano Hyperglide (HG) series 10-speed drive-trains and is recommended for Deore and Tiagra drive-trains. For smooth shifts and maximum durability. The Tiagra 10 speed chain provides smoother shifting under high load, increased rigidity and near silent running.


  • High quality 10-speed chain.
  • HG technology has chamfered inner plates to optimise shifting performance on HG sprockets.
  • Durability is assured through a chromising treatment on link pins, and the heat treatment of rollers, pins, and plates.
  • Mushrooming of the pins gives unsurpassed side-plate retention, enabling the chain to far exceed the BS/ISO standard for breaking force.
  • 5.62 mm chain width, optimised for 10-speedSuper Narrow HG drivetrains.
  • Corrosion-resistant grey finish on outer plates.
  • 116 links.