Selle SMP Double Elastosafe Comfort Saddle

The SMP double elastosafe saddle has been designed to incorporate a new patented shock absorber. This new design absorbs vibrations and increases comfort, minimizing and softening swaying. The closed design also avoids crushing children's fingers, were they given the opportunity. And if that wasn't enough the new system eliminates all creaking noises that can occur in a traditional sprung saddle, stopping the odd embarrassing moment from occurring when in company.


  • Double Elastosafe rear shock absorbers.
  • Material: Astral.
  • Saddle Rails: Steel.
  • Dimensions: 272 x 156mm.
  • Weight: 503g.
  • The patented shock-absorber:
    • Avoids crushing children's fingers.
    • Absorbs vibrations.
    • Increases comfort, minimizing and softening swaying.
    • Eliminates all creaking noises.