New SR Selle Royal Drifter Sprung Comfort Saddle

We are aware that  the  most sensitive issues require delicate solutions, regular saddles can sometimes be less than ideal for anyone who does not resemble Kate Moss. It's time to end the suffering and invest in your comfort where it really matters .

Selle Royal produce a range of saddles for everybody form the stick thin racers to the Rubinesque. If your more J-lo than Kate then this saddle is for you. The SR Drifter saddle features generous dimensions are complimented by rear sprung rails and soft Royal Gel padding, perfect the discerning rider.


  • It's very very comfy.
  • Unisex Design.
  • Deep Royal Gel padding.
  • Elastomer rear springs.
  • Saddle bag loops.
  • 8mm saddle rails.
  • Dimensions :250mm length x 235mm width
  • Weight:1200 g
  • Colour: Black.
  • Made in Italy.