Heads-Up Ahead Stem Extender

Perfect if your handlebars are a little on the low side or you simply want a little more adjustment on your bike. The heads-up stem extender extends the height of your handle bars up to 3" without the need to change your stem. Simply remove your existing stem, refit the stem on the heads-up and install it, the heads up utilized your current star fangled nut.... This unit uses the 35mm of space normally occupied by your current stem.


  • Clamp-On alloy Steerer Extender for 1.1/8" Ahead system forks.
  • Provides additional stem height of up to 80mm with stack spacers.
  • Includes one 8mm and four 5mm spacers for fine tuning your position.
  • Requires only 35mm of exposed Steerer tube.
  • Manufactured from lightweight 6061 alloy and finished with a hard wearing black anodising.
  • Weight: 212g.