The Riesel Schlamm:PE front mudguard keeps your view clear. When the trails are neck deep in mud this compact and innovative mudguard catches the debris so you can see the way ahead.

At just 19g the Riesel Schlamm:PE is very lightweight and fits to 99% of all forks. Not bad for a mudguard that is so affordable.

Key Features:

  • Original rie:sel design.
  • MADE in Germany.
  • Tried and tested by german DH champion.
  • Perfect form | fits 99% of all forks.
  • Fits 20'' | 26'' | 27,5'' | 29''.
  • Unique designs.
  • Value for money.
  • Recyclable material PP.
  • Integrated Euro-standard holes.
  • Including instructions.
  • Weight 19g.
  • 12 pre-punched additional mounting options for mounting on the rear frame. Drill by yourself if necessary.

Please note: Exact designs may vary.