Raleigh 18" x 1.5"/2.125" Schrader Valve Innertube A Perfect replacement for damaged or leaking inner tubes fitted to all types of bikes with 18" X 1.5"/1.75" wheels.


  • To fit types bikes with 18" x 1.5" to 2.125" tyres.
  • Inflate with car type pump adapter.
  • Schrader valve (car type).
  • Weight: 121g.


1 Inflate with air to barely round inner tube
2 Mount one bead of tyre on rim of wheel
3 Insert tube into tyre inserting valve through hole in rim
4 Position rest of inner tube inside tyre
5 Mount the other bead into rim of wheel starting 6" from the valve using a tyre lever
6 Centre tyre and tube on rim of wheel and inflate to the pressure indicated on tyre wall