Raleigh Draft Road Cycling Helmet

A helmet is essential for any rider. Designed to soften impacts to the brain of a cyclist in falls while minimizing side effects such as interference with peripheral vision. The dominant technology is currently in-mould microshell. A very thin shell is incorporated during the moulding process, allowing for larger vents and more complex shapes than previous helmets.

This Raleigh helmet has many excellent features, with 22 channelled airflow vents to force cool air in and warm air out.Weighing in at only 252g (s/m) it's stylish aerodynamic design, complimented by with a matt two tone finish .


  • Full in-mould construction.
  • 22 airflow vents for full 360 degree venting.
  • Soft touch webbing.
  • Dial turn fitting system.
  • Sealed inner pads.
  • Cam lock side strap adjusters.
  • EN 1078 Compliant.
  • Weight: 252g.
  • Made in China.