Promax Hydraulic Disc Brake set - Front

Adjustable hose angle.
Easy pad replacement.
Compact design calliper.
Compatible with Avid bleed kits.

Master Cylinder:
Patented master cylinder design eliminates fluid leakage.
Two pieces lever bracket allows easy lever replacement.
Easy access bleeding hole.

Disc Rotor:
DT-180B (150g).
Standard Rotor size: 180mm.


  • Reach Adjustment.
  • Great modulation with ergonomic lever design.
  • Open system.
  • Optional for 180mm rotor.
  • Self adjusting brake pads, easy for changing.
  • Compatible with international standard IS2000 and Postmount.
  • Weight: Approx 447 g / wheel.
  • Tube: 800mm.
  • Fluid: Dot 4.
  • Pads: Sintered.
  • Disc Rotor: DT-180B (150g).
  • Standard Rotor size: 180mm (front).