4 Piece Plastic Bezel Add on Kits

In the past the LED has only been used to indicate if an appliance is switched on or off, or to show the time on a digital clock, etc. Due to it's low level light output it had very limited use.
But now due to advances in modern technology, the LED has been reborn, into what is now know as the Hyper-bright, Ultra-bright or Power LED.
This advance in brightness opens up a wide variety of applications. These new LEDs give the traditional neon a run for its money.
Brighter than neon, longer lasting than neon and more durable than neon, Power LEDs are the future of coloured custom lighting.

4x Blue LEDs with Plastic Bezels,
9 volt battery connector,
Cable ties.

Designed for models that require a striking neon glow effect from underneath the chassis or to illuminate the suspension or wheel arches. These kits come complete with plastic LED clips for secure mounting of the LEDs onto your model.
Pre-soldered kits are designed to fit various body shells and chassis. Please seek professional advice if you are unsure how to install and connect the LEDs correctly.