Pitlock Wheel Security For Front & Rear Quick Release Wheels

This Pitlock Skewer Set is a coded high security protection device, that is a direct replacement for the quick release skewers on front/rear wheels. Pitlock skewers and bolts make it very difficult for a thief to steal your wheels.The locking nuts can't be opened without the specific individually shaped "Pits". Ordinary spanners or allen keys can't grab onto the specially shaped nuts and bolt heads that make up the Pitlock system.Only the included Pit can engage the bolt heads. 

  A thief would have to make a huge investment of 256 Pitlock sets in order to have a good chance of having the correct Pit for your Pitlock set.Pitlock is a high-quality locking device that is produced and patented in Germany. The Pitlock systems are constucted in Germany high-quality stainless steel.


  • Suitable for mountain, road and hybrid bikes with quick release hubs
  • Set features front / rear wheel reaplcement skewers
  • Secures your valuable bicycle parts against theft.
  • Comes with individually coded screw/pit/security code ID (Duplicate keys can only be ordered using the security code supplied)
  • Can only be used on bikes with standard QR skewers and will not work with solid, nutted or oversize through axles
  • You will need a 14mm spanner to fit them 
  • Parts made of quality high-grade stainless steel 
  • Made in Germany

We suggest you carry the key and spanner with you whilst cycling to allow wheel removal for punctures etc.