OnGuard Akita Lock Cable Extension High Security Coil

OnGuard bicycle, motorcycle, and powersports locks and cables offer optimal security with the latest technological innovations, quality construction, and ease-of-use all at a great price. You'll enjoy all that the premium brands offer at a significant savings, giving you more for less. Great for commuters, students, and families, OnGuard delivers the meanest security at the nicest price.

OnGuard offer a range of lock extension cables that can be used with your existing security systems. They can extend the range of your lock to include extra items or just to make it harder for thieves to get your valuables. The extensions cables are available in different lengths and diameters, all have clear tough protective vinyl covers to protect paintwork and are constructed from extra flexible mulpiple strand steel cable with permanently swaged loop ends.


  • Lock Cable Extension High Security Coil.
  • Clear vinyl coatings protect paint and finishes.
  • Extra-flexible multi-strand steel cable.
  • Permanently swedged loops with vinyl coatings.

Cable Sizes

  • Akita 8045: Short 53cm x 5mm (1.72' x 0.20") light duty. Weight 43g.
  • Akita 8044: Medium 120cm x 10mm (4' x 0.39") medium duty. Weight 285g.
  • Akita 8043: Long 220cm x 10mm (7.13' x 0.39") medium duty. Weight 445g.
  • Akita 8080: Extra long 4.6m x 10mm (15' x 0.39") medium duty. Weight 850g.
  • Akita 8073: Super long 9.3m x 10mm (30' x 0.39") medium duty. Weight 1600g.