OnGuard bicycle, motorcycle, and powersports locks offer optimal security with the latest technological innovations, quality construction, and ease-of-use all at a great price. You'll enjoy all that the premium brands offer at a significant savings, giving you more for less. Great for commuters, students, and families, OnGuard delivers the meanest locks at the nicest price.

OnGuard Akita 8037 Cable Lock (100cm x 20mm)

The Akita 8037 cable lock is an affordable option for securing your bike on the short journeys to the shop's or to the cafe. The Akita is an extremely flexible steel cable lock which is protected by a tough vinyl cable cover which offers added protection. The vinyl coat also prevents scratches and paint damage, allowing you to attach or carry the cable almost anywhere. Cable locks offer more versatility than D-locks, making them suitable for low to medium crime areas with a security rating of 50/100. The versatility of the lock allows you to fix your bike to tree's, lamp post's and in other confined places with the steel cable.

The lock comes supplied with 5 laser cut key's including a micro-light key for added safety.


  • 20mm extra flexible steel cable.
  • Automatic dust cover protects cylinder.
  • OnGuard security rating of 50/100 (Medium Security).
  • Protective coating on integrated the locking system.
  • The double bolt locking mechanism provides high pull resistance.
  • Tough protective vinyl cable cover.
  • Cable dimensions: 100cm x 200m.
  • 5 Laser cut keys, 1 with LED Microlight and 4 extra grip keys.
  • Weight (approx): 1150g.