Moon Lights

Moon are dedicated to the quality of their products. Attention to detail and fine craftsmanship is key to the production of their high quality lights. Every feature of a Moon Sport product is tested and reviewed by engineers and product designers. Every new design goes through rigorous reviews and calculations. Moon Sport's professional team thoroughly tests each product to its limits, in order to produce the best lights in the industry. Moon are always brainstorming new designs to make riding safer for all, making your safety their concern.

Moon Merak Rear Bicycle Handlebar End Light Set

Moon's insanely minimalist Merak rear light set is incredibly visible to drivers, yet nearly invisible on your bike. These amazing compact and bright CNC'd lights fit simply and securely into the end of your drop bars with help from the magnetic mount, for additional visibility on the road. A maximum of 30 bright and powerful lumens can be powered out from the lightweight set, they're even visible from the side of your bike. There are 5 useful modes, with the introduction of day flash, you won't be missed on the road, whilst the smart memory feature allows the lights to resume previous mode upon the next usage.


  • 2 x Bar end magnetic mount RB-31.
  • Aluminium construction.
  • CNC light cap.
  • Press lens to turn on.
  • Comes with day flash mode.
  • 2 Steady modes and 3 flash modes.
  • Brightness - Mode 1: 3 Lumens, Mode 2: 6 Lumens, FL 1: 3 Lumens, FL 2: 8 Lumens, DAY FL: 15 Lumens.
  • Runtime - Mode 1: 45:00, Mode 2: 35:00, FL 1: 100:00, FL 2: 40:00, DAY FL: 60:00.
  • 4 X CR2032 batteries included.
  • 100 maximum hours.
  • Size ( W x D x H): 29 x 29 x 20mm.
  • Weight: 18g.