Mio Front Bike Holder

The Mio Front Bike Holder is suited for 31.8mm handlebars and securely holds your Mio Cyclo device, keeping it secure and vibration free while you ride. By mounting your Mio Cyclo forward of the handle bars it becomes easier to read the screen, reducing the time taken to check your progress and keeping you safer on your bike. The compact design clamps firmly to your handle bar and is secures by a single bolt, keeping the overall weight down of this invaluable accessory.


  • Mio handlebar bike mount for Cyclo Computer.
  • Easy to assemble and place into the preferred position on your bike handlebar or stem.
  • Mounting diameter: approx. 30 - 33mm.
  • Suitable for all Mio Cyclo Models (e.g. 100, 105, 300, 305, 500 and 505).