The Minoura Rim Drive trainer's unique design gives you a wider range of bike compatibility. Being road and mountain bike compatible, the trainer covers wheel sizes from 24" to 29". A simple set up and a wide range of resistance makes the RDA2429 a perfect trainer for indoor use or pre-race warm ups. The trainer is ultra quiet, producing no tyre buzz and no vibration throughout your ride which allow's you to remain focused. At 25mph,the trainer is capable of reaching up to 365 Watts of resistance, replicating realistic cycling conditions from your own home. The Rim Drive is constructed with steel, making the trainer more durable over a long period of time. The 7 stages of resistance can be altered to suit your personal needs, increasing the resistance will result in a tougher ride.


  • 24" - 29 X 2.5" wheel/tyre compatibility.
  • 7 stages of remote resistance.
  • 800g flywheel.
  • Ultra quiet - no tyre buzz.
  • Compatible with knobbly MTB tyres.
  • Up to 365 Watts of resistance (at 25mph)
  • Driven by rubber roller contacting rim side wall.
  • No vibration throughout the ride.
  • Intentionally stronger resistance for building muscles.
  • Steel frame construction for greater durability.
  • Colour: Black.
  • Made in Japan.