KMC X1 Silver 1/2" x 3/32" 110 Links Single Speed Chain

You may wonder: "what is so special about a single speed chain?" Indeed, most manufacturers offer one model only. KMC disagrees. A chain for a Rohloff internal gear has totally different requirements compared to a chain fitted on a children's bike. That's why KMC has put a lot of effort into research- and development of these chains, solely for single speed or internal gear bikes.

KMC's latest innovation is the X1, the first chain to be developed specifically for top quality internal gear hubs, like Rohloff. The X1 has a specific single speed character and is extremely durable.


  • Pin length: 6.7mm.
  • Long life, narrow gear hub chain.
  • 110 Links.
  • Tensile strength: 1,000kg.
  • Weight: 269g.
  • Especially suitable for high quality gear hubs.
  • Low wear by XX-SP bolt.
  • No falling down due to higher inner plates.
  • Includes missing link connector.