Mountain Pro Kits offer both enhanced performance and style. But unlike Road Pro Kits, shift and brake systems are sold separately. Teflon-coated cables used with Jagwire's Slick-Lube liners dramatically reduce friction while Kevlar reinforced, compressionless brake housing delivers smooth, powerful braking performance.

And with all needed parts included, the Mountain Pro kits are easy to install.

Key Features:

  • Teflon-coated cables, Slick-Lube liners and Kevlar reinforced, compressionless brake housing enhance performance.
  • All parts needed for a complete brake or shift cable/housing install are included.
  • Mountain Pro kits are available in 11 colours and finishes that match Jagwire Mountain Pro hydraulic hose kits.
  • Designed to keep gunk out-enough housing for continuous runs, including seal liners if a bike has stops.
  • Appearance options from classic to colourful.
  • A step above standard OEM cables and housing.
  • Housing Construction: LEX or LEX Braided w/Slick-Lube Liner.


  • Outside Diameter: 5.0mm.
  • Housing Length: 3000mm.
  • Cable Construction: Teflon-coated Slick Stainless.
  • Compatibility: SRAM/Shimano Mountain.
  • Front Cable Length: 1350mm.
  • Rear Cable Length: 2350mm.
  • Small Parts: 4 Lined End Caps, 2 POP End Caps, 3 Cable Donuts, 2 4G Tube Tops, 2 Cable Tips, 2 Rotating Hooks, 650mm Sealing Liner.