Inova Ultraviolet Microlight

The Inova Ultraviolet Microlight is an ingenious, precision engineered micro UV flashlight. It's great for detecting counterfeit notes/IDs, spotting fluorescent dyes or leaks during auto or air conditioning repairs. If you need UV light for your hobby or profession then you know that it has a multitude of additional uses.


  • High-powered UV bulb -1,000 hour LED life, 365-400 nanometer wavelength.
  • 2 x CR2016 (3V) replaceable lithium batteries.
  • 365-400 nanometer wavelength.
  • Four Functions: High Power, Low Power, Strobe, Signal Mode.
  • H: 1.85" x W: 1" x D: .325".
  • Run Time - up to 10 hours.
  • Weighs: 10g.
  • Temperature Operation Range: From -20 oc to + 40 oc / -4 of to + 104 of.
  • Durable stainless-steel universal clip attaches securely and releases easily.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty USA.