HB Megagrid Tyre (2pcs/Red/1/8 Buggy) - 67944
HB 1/8 scale racing buggy tyre.

HB Megagrid tires are suitable for a wide variety of off-road and on-road surfaces including loose topsoil right on down to hard-pack. This is our most versatile tire and should be used when you go to a new track because it will be a good starting point everywhere.

With interlocking lugs that feature varied step height and a medium gap, these tires provide high bite even in the worst of conditions.

Pink compound is extra-soft for maximum traction at the cost of tread life.
Red compound is soft for racing or low-traction surfaces.
White compound is medium, great for practice and all-around use.
Blue compound is firm for high-bite tracks.

Optional part for models:
  • HB D8 Kit.
  • HB Ve8 Kit.