Hiplok Z-Lok Armoured Reusable Tie Combination Lock 40cm Yellow

The new Z-Lok combo is a multi-use combination lock featuring a reinforced steel core and toughened nylon outer, allowing the lock to be both secure and lightweight. Hiplok’s lock + hold design allows for full adjustability along its large 43cm locking diameter.

The Z-Lok combo offers the same ground breaking lightweight, adjustable zip like tie design as the original Z-Lok but with the added benefits of a larger locking circumference and reset-able 3 digit combination mechanism. A cutting edge concept in security with a multitude of applications, now available in three colourways Yellow, Teal & Black.


  • Lock & hold ratchet design.
  • Reinforced steel core.
  • 43cm locking diameter.
  • Basic security for low-risk areas.
  • 3 digit combination lock with number reset function.
  • Available in colours: Yellow, Teal and Black.
  • Weight: 100g.