Helinox Cots

Helinox's range of Cots get you up off the ground for a good night's sleep. Up and away from sharp rocks, lumpy ground, crawling critters and unhealthy dampness.

Helinox Cot One Convertible Black

Cot One Convertible is a camp stretcher that redefines lightweight overnight comfort. Helinox Cot One Convertible gets you comfortably up off the ground – away from sharp rocks, lumpy uneven ground, crawling critters and unhealthy dampness. Move up to the next level of comfort. Wake up relaxed & refreshed, ready for a new day's adventure!

Cot One's super lightweight TH72M alloy frame and innovative design sets the new standard for camp stretchers. The unique Helinox lever system assembles the bed and tensions the sleeping surface simply and easily. Setting up and packing up is a breeze. That leaves more time for what matters most - a good night's rest! Helinox ultra lightweight construction doesn't compromise strength. Despite weighing just 2.3 kg, load capacity for Cot One is 145 kg.

Cot One Convertible features new hubs that accept an optional leg kit (set of 12). The legs raise the bed surface to 38 cm from the ground providing additional stowage space underneath.


  • Designed for Two Wheel Touring and Four Wheel Touring.
  • Lightweight TH72M alloy frame.
  • Three supports for extreme weight-saving situations.
  • Helinox lever system.
  • Colour: Black/Blue.
  • Weight

  • 2185 g / 4.8 lbs (without case).
  • 2315 g / 5.1 lbs (with case).
  • Dimensions

  • Cot Length: 190 cm / 74.8 in.
  • Cot Width: 68 cm / 26.8 in.
  • Cot Height: 16 cm / 6.3 in.
  • Case: 54 cm W x 17 cm H / 21.3 in W x 6.7 in H.
  • Capacity

  • 145 kg / 320 lbs.