Fenix E16 Torch Aluminium 700 Lumens Black

Beautifully designed and crafted and offering an impressive 700 lumens Neutral White output from a tiny form factor, the new Fenix E16 is the perfect every day carry light for anyone looking for a beautiful torch with EPIC PERFORMANCE! This tiny gem is only 51mm long and weighs just 21 grams yet reaches out an impressive 142 metres 4 brightness levels from 3 to 700 lumens give a useful range of output and run time combinations to suit the task and Emergency Strobe output is also available should it be needed. The single stainless steel push button which operates Fenix E16 LED torch can be both mechanically (rotate the pocket clip) and electronically locked out to prevent accidental operation.

This light features a magnetic tail, versatile bi-directional body clip and a keychain attachment which provide a range of usage choices from cap mounting, fixing to keys, to direct attachment to steel. E16 can be powered by a rechargeable CR123 battery (16340) which will give maximum output (this needs to be a high current 16340 or IMR 16340 battery to deliver sufficient current for reliable operation), or a non rechargeable CR123 battery for a Max of 300 lumens (Please note, no battery is supplied in the package). The torch will get hot very rapidly at 700 lumens output so we would recommend use of this power level in short bursts only.


  • 2 metre waterproof for 30 minutes.
  • Auto step-down to prevent overheating.
  • Low battery warning (16340 battery).
  • Last mode memory (switch on at your previous setting).
  • Digitally regulated - maintains constant brightness (charge dependent).
  • Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Battery reverse polarity protection.
  • Just 51mm (L) x 21.1mm (Head), x 19.8mm (Body).


  • Lumens: 700 Lumens.
  • 51mm Length x 19.8mm Body diameter x 21.1mm Head diameter.
  • 21 grams (excluding batteries.)
  • Batteries: RCR123 (16340) x 1(not supplied).
  • Lanyard, spare O-ring.
  • Waterproofing IP68, 2m depth & dustproof
  • Runtimes: Turbo: 700 Lumens, (1hr 5min), High: 150 Lumens, (2hrs), Med: 30 Lumens, (11hrs 55min), Low: 3 Lumens, (70hrs), Strobe: 700 Lumens (Using a Fenix ARB-L16-700 battery)
  • Max Beam Distance 142m