Ezy Roller Pro Large No-Pedal Snake Kart

Turn out kids of all ages love the Ezy roller, including the ones with kids of their own. So the boffins at Ezr Roller had to invent the Ezy Roller Pro. designed to carry more adult weight and allow for longer legs. It also comes with an extension. The special feature on Ezy Roller is that it is pivotable with the front legs, which is used to snake along.

The car brings not just the joy of moving with the tricycle and training mobility of the entire body. This is pure driving pleasure for children (and bigger) in which additionally the coordination and dexterity is promoted.

The trike is made up of a sturdy tubular steel frame which is equipped with proven and easy-running rollers. The driver sits comfortably in a seat made of sturdy plastic and the low centre of gravity of the vehicle overturning, is hardly possible.

Since the frame of the tricycle can be adapted to the driver's body size by means of extension rods, the Ezy Roller grows with the child and can be optimally adjusted to the driver. The Ezy Roller Pro is suitable for children of approximately 10+. The sturdy steel frame of the Pro vehicle is for maximum rider weight of 200lbs (90kg).


  • For ages (approx) 10+ years to adult (90kg max).
  • Frame: Tubular steel frame.
  • Wheels: PU Scooter style wheels.
  • Brake: Handbrake.
  • Handlebar: Handlebar for steering with feet.
  • Seat: Comfortable seat.
  • Engine type: Drive through meandering.
  • Steering: Snake principle.
  • Rider Weight: Up to 90kg.
  • Particulars: no pedals, chain or drive.
  • Drive by steering movement.
  • Frame extension for resizing.
  • Dimensions: Length 36"-42" (90-112cm), Width 23" (58cm), Height 19" (48cm).
  • Weight 18 lbs (8.2kg).
  • Available in colours: Red, Blue, Green, Black, Orange.