Ezy Roller Drifter model

Fun for kids of about 7 to 14 years is guaranteed. This machine is for EzyRolling Ninjas. Once you've mastered how to curve your way, the Drifter's unique patented back wheels design lets you 'drift' on corners. It's smooth, fluid and fearless.

The child's car brings not just the joy of moving with the tricycle and training mobility of the entire body. This is pure driving pleasure for children in which additionally the coordination and dexterity is promoted.

The children's trike is made up of a sturdy tubular steel frame which is equipped with proven and easy-running rollers. The driver sits comfortably in a seat made of sturdy plastic and the low centre of gravity of the vehicle overturning, is hardly possible.

The Ezy Roller is suitable for children of approximately 7 to 14+ years and has received numerous awards as a toy of the year. The sturdy steel frame of the child's vehicle is for maximum rider weight of 75kg.


  • For ages (approx) 7 to 14+ years.
  • Frame: Tubular steel frame. Patented back wheels design lets you 'drift' on corners.
  • Wheels: PU Scooter wheels.
  • Brake: Handbrake.
  • Handlebar: Handlebar for steering with feet.
  • Seat: Comfortable seat.
  • Engine type: Drive through meandering.
  • Steering: Snake principle.
  • Rider Weight: Up to 75kg.
  • Particulars: no pedals, chain or drive.
  • Drive by steering movement.
  • Dimensions: Length 25.5"-32.5" (65-82.5cm), Width 23" (58cm), Height 14.5" (37cm).
  • Weight 12.8 lbs (5.80kg).