Ex Demo Udi Nano Quad Electric Micro Quadcopter Six-axis Green A-U839-G

UDI have taken the proven technology of their larger quadcopters and shrunk it down into this Nano U839 drone quad. When set in advanced mode the U839 is incredibly nimble yet in the novice setting it is suitable for beginner to learn with thanks to the stability provided by the inbuilt 6 axis gyro. The battery is easily removable allowing you to have a spare and keep flying after you have used the first one. With all the features and manoeuvrability of a larger quadcopters but at a fraction of the price you really can't go wrong with the Nano U839.

A compact 4 Channel 2.4GHz transmitter is included that uses the same battery as the quad itself allowing quick recharging and long life. The included USB charger can charge both the quad flight battery and transmitter battery meaning you really have everything included in box.

This Udi Nano Quad is an ex demo model, showing minor scratches on the propellers and a damaged box, most likely caused in transit. The quad also came back missing a battery.

  • Fully Assembled and ready to fly.
  • Three separate control settings (Novice, Intermediate and Advance).
  • Rechargeable transmitter battery.
  • Easy to replace flight battery.
  • Flips in four different directions.
  • Plastic propeller guard.
  • LED lights.

Note: Both Tx and Quad require charging before use.


  • Length: 88mm
  • Height: 28mm
  • Width: 88mm
  • LiPo: 1s 3.7v 150mAh (1 Inc.)
  • Radio System: 4 channel 2.4GHz (inc)
  • Rotor Diameter: 36mm (each)
  • Electric Motors: 4 X Brushless
  • Charger: USB (inc)
  • Condition: Ex Demo. The item shows signs of use on the propellers. The box is also damaged, most likely damaged in transit, missing one battery.

Please Note: If you have not flown an RC model before you will need to learn. Flying any model aircraft requires some degree of care and skill, even the simplest 2 or 3 channel. We recommend you read the manufacturers instructions and prepare for your first flight. There are many useful guides to learning to fly RC aircraft and if you are still unsure help will be readily available at your local club. We recommend a range test before you fly. Your model will have a warranty but this will not cover damage to propellers, wings, fuselage, tail or any other part sustained due to pilot error or loss of transmitter signal. In simple terms, if you crash it, you will be responsible for the repair!!