Dr Sludge Puncture Protection Sealant

Upgrade your existing inner tubes with Dr Sludge, the orange gunk seals holes up to 3mm to prevent air escaping. 250ml Provides enough fluid to fill either a set of stroller inner tubes, a pair of BMX, road or hybrid inner tubes, a single MTB, wheel barrow or off road motor bike.


  • Seals punctures instantly up to 3mm diameter.
  • Always remember to check your tyre for objects such as glass or thorns when fitting.
  • Ensure the wheel is rotated several times prior to use to allow Goo to evenly coat the tube.
  • Environmentally friendly water based formula
  • Also for use on trailers, wheelbarrows, golf carts etc.
  • Suitable for Schrader type and other valves with removable cores
  • Core removal tool included with easy applicator nozzle
  • Size: 250ml