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Crud Twinpac Cycling Mudguard White Set

Designed for fast riding in extreme conditions, the Twinpac consists of the full size Crudcatcher and Raceguard for maximum offroad protection.

First released in 1991, the latest version of the Crudcatcher features a deformable rubber nose and rubber frame protector. Essential on those muddy rides to prevent mud and water spray ending up on your clothes. The mounting process takes a matter of seconds, receiving a impressive 10/10 verdict from MBR. The updated Raceguard can be fitted in one minute straight out of the packaging using just one 5mm allen key. Attachment is simple, without removing the seatpost. Comfortably fits any bike with between 24mm and 32mm seatpost diameter.


  • Designed to provide maximum protection off road.
  • Pack consists of Crudcatcher and Raceguard.
  • Downtube mounted front mudguard.
  • Crud catcher has a soft nose edge designed for improved fit.
  • 10 out of 10 MBR review.
  • Colour: White.
  • Raceguard can be fitted with one 5mm allen key and attached without removing seatpost.
  • Seatpost sizes: under 32mm thick insert, under 30mm thick insert, under 27.5mm thickest insert.
  • One bolt simple fixing system.
  • Easy fixing system: attach to downtube using 'O' ring.
  • Weight (Crudcatcher/Raceguard): 70g/ 90g (approx).
  • Length (Crudcatcher/Raceguard): 16.3"/19.7" (approx).
  • Width (Crudcatcher/Raceguard): 4.5"/ 3.3"(approx).