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Coyote BP-4163 9/16" MTB BMX Gripper Bicycle Pedals

The BP-4163 Coyote gripper pedals are suitable for both MTB and BMX. Constructed with tough resin material, the pedals have the ability to withstand the knocks and bumps MTB and BMX often take. Twin reflectors provide extra safety in low-light, perfect for those night rides. Multi grip surfaces provide a much smoother ride, allowing you to remain in control, even in the most challenging of terrain conditions.

Both pedals feature a 9/16" thread.


  • Suitable for MTB and BMX bikes.
  • BP-4163 with BS reflector.
  • Tough resin material.
  • Multi-grip surfaces.
  • Twin reflectors.
  • 9/16" thread.
  • Colour: Black.