Continental Light 29" x 1.75" - 2.5" 60mm Presta valve Inner Tube

All tubes have a seamless construction, with a mould-cured vulcanisation, to ensure uniform roundness.


  • Butyl rubber lightweight mountain bike tube.
  • For 29er, 700C MTB tyres.
  • Unitube size fits 28-29 inch wheels in 1.75 - 2.5 sections.
  • 60 mm Presta valve.
  • Weight: 155g.


1. Inflate with air to barely round innertube.
2. Mount one bead of tyre on rim of wheel.
3. Insert tube into tyre inserting valve through hole in rim.
4. Position rest of inner tube inside tyre.
5. Mount the other bead into rim of wheel starting 6" from the valve using a tyre lever.
6. Centre tyre and tube on rim of wheel and inflate to the pressure indicated on tyre wall.