Concept Daisy Girls Balance Bike

Balance bikes do not have pedals or stabilisers, therefore children learn to balance and steer very quickly. At first, they ride with at least one foot firmly on the ground. As confidence develops, they'll begin to lift both feet, scooting forward and balancing and occasionally dabbing a foot to the floor when the bike leans over.

Soon, they'll be balancing, learning and playing all at once. The best way to teach a child to cycle is not to use stabilisers, which simply prevent them from developing a proper sense of balance. Kids that start to exercise from early years form a habit of movement and grow up to be healthier.

The new Daisy from Concept is the perfect way to learn balance and co-ordination whilst having fun. It is durable and easy to move, and not too heavy for mum or dad to carry home. A very clever design allows this balance bike to be adjusted perfectly match your childs height so inspiring confidence and making the learning process a little easier.


  • Suitable for girls aged around 18 months and upwards.
  • To suit leg measurement 34cm to 42cm.
  • Modular polycarbonate construction.
  • Fully adjustable rear arm.
  • Integral multi-position saddle.
  • Integral front and rear fenders.
  • Composite low-slip wheels with low profile tyres.
  • Low rise composite handlebars.
  • Weight 2.8kg.
  • Colour: White/Pink.
  • Some slight assembly required.