Clarks M2 Hydraulic Front And Rear Disc Brake Set with 160mm Rotors

The M2 hydraulic has been designed with the enthusiast rider in mind; it brings high level braking and performance at an entry level price, the 2 piston M2 delivers superb braking performance in all weather conditions that is supported by its exceptional reliability.

Apart from still using an opposed two-piston design, the new M2 brakes hold very little in common with previous stoppers from Clarks. Aesthetically, for the lever at least, comparisons can be made between the new M2 and many of Shimano's recent models. The lever size and shape look familiar, and so does the way the raised master cylinder runs parallel with the hose.


  • Front and rear disc brake callipers and rotors.
  • Compatible with all disc brake fork configurations. International standard fitment.
  • 160mm lightweight rotors.
  • UK set up with left brake lever for rear brake and right brake lever for the front brake.
  • Calliper mounting bolts.
  • Disc mounting bolts.
  • Weight: 392g (Complete rear brake).
  • Fitting instructions supplied.
  • Pipe length: Front 850mm. Rear 1750mm.