Cateye Rapid X Front Light

The New Rapid X from Cateye uses the very latest in battery and LED technology to amazing effect. The Rapid X may look like a normal Cateye light but this neat compact rear light offers a level of light intensity like no other Cateye; visible from nearly 360 degrees and using a neat band fitting system it can be placed in several different positions on the bike, from seat post to seat stays. When the battery runs low, the low battery "Auto Save" function automatically changes the light pattern from the current mode to flashing, providing an additional hour of riding safety. 6 modes. 2 Hour charge time.


  • COB LED technology.
  • Up to 80 lumen output on front light.
  • Wide viewing angle.
  • USB recharge (2 hrs, cable included).
  • Li-ion Polymer battery.
  • Battery Auto Save (auto flash when battery gets low).
  • O-Ring attachment with adapter included.
  • 6 Modes: High - Low - Flashing - Rapid - Pulse - Vibration.
  • Runtimes: 1h - 5h - 30h - 16h - 16h - 8h.
  • Dimensions: W24.4 x H 30.8 x L74.2mm.
  • Weight: 22.5g.
  • Water resistant.