Burley 16+ Rugged Wheel Kit

This wide knobby tyre enables travel over snow, sand and gravel. The kit includes two 16X3" push button wheels that are wider and more rugged, offering superior handling on unpaved surfaces. Now, nothing can stop your Burley from coming along for the ride. A wide range of acceptable tyre pressures let you adjust the stiffness to your liking. Let a little air out and the tyres soak up the bumps for your passengers. Constructed with aluminium rim/hub and stainless steel spokes.


  • Aluminum rim & hub with steel spokes
  • Knobby tread for superior handling
  • Easily tackles various types of terrain
  • Easy to use push button design

Compatible with:

  • D'Lite 2013-Current
  • Solo 2013-Current
  • Encore 2013-Current
  • Honey Bee 2014-Current
  • Bee 2010-Current
  • Minnow 2016-Current
  • Flatbed 2014-Current
  • Nomad 2014-Current