Blazer Pro Scooter Quad Clamp

Get some added strength and bling on your scooter with this strong and light weight Blazer Quad collar clamp. This one of the strongest and definitely one of the best value for money scooter quad clamps around. If you have upgraded your Scooter handlebars to T Bars, BMX Bars, Y Bars we suggest you grab yourself a quad clamp to hold it all together. These Blazer quad clamps are 34.9mm and come with a shim included. Fits all main scooter brands with standard and oversized bars. The Blazer Pro clamp is 34.9mm and comes supplied with shim to reduce the size to 31.8mm so it's suitable for most major Scooter Brands including JD Bug, Madd Pro,Grit and Slamm


  • 4 Bolt clamp
  • Fits 31.8mm and 34.9mm diameter bars.
  • Alloy construction.
  • CNC Design.
  • 70mm Long
  • Availible in a great range of colours to suit your individual style.