Blackburn Bags

At Blackburn we focus on the big picture—not just how much stuff the bag itself can carry, but how it affects everything else, from the handling of your bike, to the bag’s impact on you. We futz with the small stuff like spec’ing closures that won’t snag your clothes, minimizing tool-rattle and eliminating load-shift. Whether packing cash and a cell phone; or everything you’d need for a transcontinental tour, Blackburn bags ensure all you bring is the stuff you want—no headaches attached.

Blackburn Outpost Frame Bag Large

Keys, check. wallet, check. energy bars, check. hydration bladder, check. The Outpost frame bag is the perfect companion for your all day pleasure ride or your week-long adventure ride. Blackburn carefully consider what is put in each of their bags and tailor the compartments, pockets and other features to make sure there is a perfect place for everything. An expandable bottom compartment accommodates more mission critical gear.
Expands to fit a wide variety of frames and sizes.


  • Suitable for road,mountain,hybrid and gravel bikes.
  • Dimensions: 20" x 2 1/2"x 7"/11".
  • Simple to install and remove.
  • Highly water resistant.
  • Water bladder hydration tube port.
  • Straps can mount in multiple locations for a secure fit.
  • Several mesh and slip pockets, as well as a main compartment baffle.
  • Weight: 402g
  • Expandable: 5.25 to 6.95 Litres. Sometimes you need more space, while other times you need less. This bag can expand to accommodate both.
  • Bag Fit: Bikes come in a lot of shapes and sizes. This bag includes adjustable mounting systems to allow fitment to almost ANY bike.