Blackburn Central Front Smart LED USB Rechargeable Bicycle Light

Whether you need a seriously powerful, stab-through-the-murk beam that lets you stretch your riding time well into the night; or a small bailout light to get you home at dusk; there's a Blackburn bike light that'll work for you. Their rechargeable LED bike lights just make sense, these aren't overblown, crazy-expensive boutique items, they're real-world lighting devices, with real-world pricing. Compact, powerful, easy to use and unobtrusive (until they're powered up, and become seriously attention-getting), Blackburn bike lights are all easy to mount, and won't klunkify your ride or get in the way.

Central Series

The Central Smart Light uses light sensing technology to adjust the strength of the beam, depending on where you are. Travel seamlessly from the well lit urban cycle paths to the road less travelled. Blackburn has you covered

Your own personal safety beacon of light. The Blackburn Central Light series signals traffic in all directions to watch out, and keep their distance. Take the lane and feel safe knowing you're seen. These lights are built to the ANSI FL-1 standard, which provides consistent light performance guidelines and measurements.


  • Compact battery powered Light.
  • 500 Lumens.
  • Ambient light sensorwhich boosts lumens when you need them most.
  • Built to ANSI-FL1 Standard
  • Beam distance: 103.5 metres.
  • Micro USB charging connection.
  • Extruded alloy shell.
  • LED fuel gauge/ charge indicator: Green (100-75%), Orange (75-25%) and Red (25-0%).
  • Adjustable mount: one size fits all.
  • Weight: 150 grams.