Beto Classic Dual Head Floor Pump

This Classic track pump features 1 1/2" alloy barrel for rapid inflation with a 21" hose and a dual valve head that can accommodate both Schrader and presta valves. The pressure gauge displays both BAR & P.S.I. .

Further Details

  • Ideal for all types of cycles including Hybrid, B.M.X. Mountain, Road and Children's Bikes.
  • Alloy Construction
  • Resin handle
  • Suitable for Woods, Presta (high pressure) and Schrader (car type) Valves.
  • Displays pressure up to 100 P.S.I. or 7 BAR.
  • 19"  Tall with a 1 1/2" diameter barrel.
  • 21" Hose with thumb-lock

Please note: This item cannot be shipped outside the UK as it is too large for airmail