Berg Safari BFR-3

BERG has more than 20 years experience in developing, producing and selling active outdoor playtime pleasure! Berg go-karts and trampolines guarantee years of trouble-free playtime fun.
All Berg products are designed by employees at Berg. After development of a prototype and after extensive testing, the new go-kart or trampoline is taken into production. Quality and flexibility are our watchwords.

Racing across endless plains and the roughest of terrains: it is all possible with the Safari BFR-3. The swing axle provides additional grip and safety. The unique BFR-3 system gives you no fewer than three gears, which means you can make a quick escape when chased by a wild animal! The camouflage colours will help you to hide. Add to the fun with options such as a spare tyre, a rollbar and an additional seat!


  • BFR-HUB: 3 Gears.
  • Off-road tires.
  • Tires: 46cm.
  • Swing axle.
  • Double ballbearing.
  • Number plate.
  • Front spoiler.
  • Back mud guards.
  • Heavy duty brake pads.


  • Length: 159 cm
  • Width: 85 cm.
  • Height: 86 cm.
  • Weight: 52.5 kg.

Packaging: (2 pieces)

  • 100x58x41.5 & 100x58x40 cm.

Optional Parts:

  • Sport steering wheel.
  • Boardcomputer.
  • TRAXX Exhaust.
  • Front mud guards.
  • Spare tire.
  • Lifting unit.
  • Front linkage.
  • Roll-bar.